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About us

WITABO Sp. z o. o. is a group of fruit producers operating on the market since 2009. Members' production farms are located in the sunny Lublin region, endowed with numerous natural values.

The activity of our company is based on solid and proven knowledge in the field of horticulture, enriched for many generations. Along with the development of the company, a modern, well-equipped facility was built, consisting of a cold store, sorting and packing rooms, social facilities for employees and an office part with a total area of ​​about 8,000 m2.

The company has many quality and safety certificates, which proves the high standard of food production and environmental protection. If you are looking for the highest quality fruit - Witabo is the perfect choice. The company offers fruits of the highest quality, which are healthy and tasty at the same time.

Come to the Lublin region to find out what the best fruits taste like!

Where we deliver our fruit

International brand

Currently, our group of fruit producers supplies their fresh products to:

Poland, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Albania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Israel, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, United States Arab Emirates.

We are planning further international contracts.

How we care about product safety

Our certificates

BRC certificate - an international food safety standard developed in 1998 by the British Retail Consortium (Great Britain). The BRC is a set of recommendations and guidelines for companies operating in the food industry sector and companies supplying food products under their own brands (so-called private labels). Obtaining the BRC certificate for the entire product line or for a specific product brand name is to guarantee that a given product has successfully passed specialized tests and inspections, is of high quality and safe for consumers.

IFS - International Food Standard (IFS) certificate - international standard food safety developed in 2002 by representatives German retail. It is a widely recognized standard throughout Western Europe. The purpose of the IFS standard (like other standards assessment of suppliers - e.g. BRC) is to minimize the risk of threats food safety of producers cooperating with retail chains.

GlobalG.A.P. – voluntary, international food safety standard unprocessed (plant, horticultural, orchard and animal production) addressed to agricultural producers. Producers under standard activities are obliged to care for the natural environment, proper use and storage plant protection products, feed, medicines for animals and other substances, proper handling of waste, care for the cleanliness of the farm and occupational health and safety of employees.

How we ensure the best fruit quality

Our orchards and crops

The vast majority of our production is orchards and crops under cover.

Cultivation under cover is a way to obtain better fruit yields, because it allows you to control the conditions in which the plants grow. In the case of greenhouses or polytunnels, plants are protected from harmful weather conditions, such as wind, rain, frost or hail, which allows you to control temperature, humidity and lighting to create optimal conditions for growth and fruit ripening. In this way, you can get a larger crop of fruit that is juicier, tasty and aromatic.

Owoce uprawiane na Lubelszczyźnie są uważane za najlepsze ze względu na korzystne warunki klimatyczne i geograficzne regionu. Lubelszczyzna leżyw strefie klimatu umiarkowanego ciepłego, co sprzyja uprawie wielu gatunków roślin, w tym drzew owocowych. Ponadto, gleby w regionie są żyzne i dobrej jakości, co korzystnie wpływa na rozwój roślin. Owoce z Lubelszczyzny słyną
z intensywnego smaku, aromatu oraz soczystości.
Region ten jest znany z uprawy takich owoców jak jabłka, gruszki, wiśnie, porzeczki czy maliny, które cieszą się popularnością w kraju i za granicą.